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Tycoon is a unique enterprise programme for students. It aims to encourage the nation’s budding entrepreneurs to get involved in business by training and giving them a start-up loan of up to N200,000 Naira to set up and run a business while in school.

We believe that most young students in Nigeria can grow to become great entrepreneurs and industrialists, if exposed to the right knowledge and environment early enough.

We are searching for visionary secondary schools across the nation to participate in our entrepreneurship programme which will enlist them to be part of Tycoon International Enterprise Competition. 

The Tycoon International Enterprise Competition is an international competition, established by renowned entrepreneur, Mr. Peter Jones. Now being championed in Nigeria by Young Innovation Leaders (YIL) Fellowship. This competition enables young people around the world to start up and run their first business.


1st Stage

  • Club members will attend weekly entrepreneurial training from the comfort of their school.
  • They will learn how to identify and solve problems.
  • They will learn how to put their solution into a viable business plan.

2nd Stage

  • Learners get funded to execute their small business (a no-interest loan).
  • Learners refund the loan only when the business breaks even.
  • Learners are supervised to execute their business plan.

3rd Stage

  • Review of business performance and inter-club/business competition.
  • The best-performing club /business gets awarded and wins a trophy.
  • All participants get a certificate of participation.


Participation is through secondary schools.

Each school can register not more than 3 clubs.

Each club should have between 4-6 participants.

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We aim at inspiring students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.

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