The Y.I.L Fellowship is designed on a three-pronged strategy: Selection, Training, and Mentorship. We realize that the similarities in the challenge of thriving are more important than the differences. The key choices that young people face and the principles that help them scale up excellence are strikingly consistent – whether it is a fresh graduate who has studied Physics but is considering taking a marketing job with a bank for lack of job, a house officer who thinks he made a mistake studying medicine as against pursuing a career in fine and applied arts, or a fresh graduate of Mathematics with magna cum laude who for financial constraints chooses to take a job with a local company in Nigeria as against pursuing the dreams of furthering his studies in Europe. They all have got similar challenge rooted in the zest to scale up excellence.



Selection is important! Applicants will be screened based on measurable and scalable seeds of excellence which they have developed. The best applicant from each cluster will be chosen. The principle behind this stage is: “to him who is faithful with little, more is given”.


Training is key! Our focus will be to use the most effective means possible to enlighten and enshrine common knowledge and principles of success to participants. This training approach is result-oriented. Participants are expected to acquire skills to approach societal challenges with a different lens – the lens of Abundance, Possibility and Empowerment (the APE lens).


In mentorship lies the sustainability! The Y.I.L Fellowship creates an interphase for productive interaction with experienced and successful experts. These are professionals who become stakeholders in the careers of the Y.I.L Fellowship participants and provide them meaningful opportunities for growth.