1. On Time Commitment:
    1. The YIL Fellowship is a four-month intensive program. As such, participants must be able to commit themselves and their time to the program as follows:
      1. The five days compulsory virtual convening between 5th – 9th July must be fully devoted to the program.
        1. Morning Session: 10:00 – 13:00 (WAT)
        2. Evening Session: 18:00 – 19:00 (WAT)
      2. The four months’ challenge phase for the capstone projects which is going to be semi-online, participants must be willing to commit to 10 hours weekly on the capstone project
      3. The four days compulsory bootcamp at the beginning and at the end of the training
      4. Should any participant skip any scheduled meeting, they should take permission by sending an email to
  2. On Scholarship: As a YIL Fellowship Standard participant, you have received a full scholarship. This scholarship covers the tuition, feeding, training materials, and accommodation.
  3. Calendar:
    1. 5th – 9th July (Inauguration Bootcamp)
    2. 11th July – 14th October (Challenge Phase)
    3. 19th – 22nd October (Final Bootcamp – Abuja)
    4. 19th – 22nd October (Final Bootcamp – Accra)
    5. 26th – 29th October (Final Bootcamp – Nairobi)
    6. 2nd – 5th November (Final Bootcamp – Johannesburg)
    7. 9th – 12th November (Final Bootcamp – Rabat)
  4. On Accommodation:
    1. Participants who make it to the final boot camp will be accommodated in the same hotel/ premises for continual team work and to ensure we are responsible for your safety for the 3 days in-person convention.
    2. Two persons of same gender will be in the same room to enable for good bonding and connection, if however, anyone desires to stay alone, we shall oblige them they would have to pay for the accommodation.
    3. Your hotel will be at the venue of training or close to the venue of the training.
  5. On Evaluation:
    1. There shall be an individual evaluation of each member of the team. The supervisor of the team will also participate in evaluating each member of the team. An aggregate of the responses shall be used to ascertain an individual’s time commitment to the project.
    2. The time commitment evaluation will come just before the final boot camp session in October.
    3. After the projects are evaluated and the most valuable ones are further provided the support to scale up in our acceleration programs.
  6. On the Fellowship:
    1. This Fellowship is awarded after participating in the first virtual training, completing the capstone project, and participating in the second Bootcamp.
    2. Your Fellowship will be awarded in October/November. After this, you will be assigned a Mentor (optional).
    3. There are benefits that come with being a fellow (see below). For you to access these benefits, you shall prove to us that you have inspired, initiated, managed or led innovation in your industry within the previous year. So, you essentially renew your fellowship annually by proving that you’re still innovating.
    4. Materials, including and not limited to videos and photos of participants, emanating from the fellowship’s activities (including the YIL application process) belong to the fellowship and it has the right to use them without the permission from the participants.
  7. On Penalty:
    1. Those not committed to the time demands are disqualified from continuing in the Fellowship. For example, if the evaluation says you didn’t commit up to 10 hours weekly for the approximately 10 weeks, you’ll be disqualified from attending the October session and as such won’t be awarded the Fellowship.
  8. On the Projects:
    1. You will be assigned a capstone project from the two you choose out of a group of projects.
    2. You will work in a team of about four bright individuals who would have chosen same projects.
    3. You are supposed to work online via SLACK channel or any other platform agreed on by the fellowship. Hence, you must have access to internet connection and a smart device to download and work on SLACK.
    4. You would have to put your best efforts and assess all resources towards producing a Proof of Concept of the product or a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) by the end of the four months and present it at the October session.
    5. Once after the fellowship, those interested in following through to build an initiative out of the innovations will become co-founders and shall share ownership of the ensuing initiative.
    6. The YIL Fellowship Platform has the exclusive rights to withdraw any team member from the project at any time who has shown levels of non-commitment or whom it thinks isn’t suitable to be in any particular team or continue in the training.
  9. On the Diploma Certificate from African University of Science and Technology:
    1. This diploma is awarded automatic upon completion of the program at the induction Bootcamp.
    2. The diploma will come at a cost which will be communicated soon to all who may be interested in obtaining one.
  10. On the Benefits of the Fellowship:
    1. Discover yourself through the intensive personal development drills in the programs.
    2. Receive a fantastic training on innovation management, entrepreneurship, and leadership from global experts.
    3. Network with champions.
    4. Work in teams and grow professionally with like-minds.
    5. Get certified in innovation management and become an innovation consultant.
    6. Participate in monthly Webinars on innovation case studies from global experts/ mentors.
    7. Receive annual continual mentorship from global experts.
    8. Create value. Impact the world with an innovation from this fellowship.
    9. Have a chance to mentor young bright minds.
    10. Get an opportunity to participate at the annual innovation leadership conference for all Fellows every September/ October.
    11. Be a YIL Fellow and belong to one of the fastest growing innovation leadership networks in the world.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have duly executed this Agreement effective for all purposes and in all respects as of the day and year written below.

1st July 2022

NOTE: Parties agree to use their names as official signature on this document.