Summer Projects

Content knowledge and conceptual understanding, by themselves, are not enough in today’s world. In school and college, in the modern workplace, as citizens and in their lives generally, people need to be able to think critically and solve problems, work well with others, and manage themselves effectively. These kinds of competencies are called “success skills.” They are also known as “21st Century Skills” or “Career Readiness Skills.”

The education system that runs our schools today are outdated. They were fundamentally designed to meet the needs of the industrial age. It is largely inadequate to prepare the next generation learners for the work of the future and ineffective in exploring their creativity for the future of work.

We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we’re educating our children. Our task is to educate the whole being so that they can face the ever-dynamic future. While, we may not see this future, they will. And our job is to help them make something out of it.

Working on project-based topics to solve problems and acquire valuable skills during the summer will most definitely excite and keep the minds of the participants open to dive into an innovative learning space.

With My Summer Project, you are sure to give your child the best learning support at home and from the safety of your home boost their attitude towards innovative thinking and problem solving.

All students will go through a series of sessions on soft skills such as vision and goal setting, decision making, negotiation, collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, time and distraction management.

Categories of Participation:

  • Senior High and A level
  • Junior High
  • Senior Primary
  • Junior Primary


Farm Drone Sprayer

Farmers would have to apply pesticides to ensure good harvest. Today most of them rely on manual sprayers for this process. This consumes a lot of time with attendant hazards. In this project, students will learn how to build drone sprayers for farms. This project will require the students to understand the basics of drone technology, programming, agricultural science, etc.

Smart Home System

This is the era of the internet of things. The possibility is limitless. In this project, students will learn about smart home technologies and they will create alert systems that will remotely turn on and off electronic gadgets in their homes. This will also involve developing dolls with built-in alarm systems. 

A Career Finder App

Right from the first year of senior secondary school, most students are faced with the dilemma of career choice especially in cases where the love for their talents conflicts with the dream of their parents. Sometimes, they choose the wrong career due to a lack of understanding of the career pathway or pressure from peers. The career finder app is an invention that will help students combine favorite subjects and match them with their personalities through a personality test. The app will supply them with available careers based on the results generated. This course is designed for students in the senior secondary school system who are technology-driven and are willing to learn the process of coding and programming. Students will be trained on a practical basis and will be expected to come up with a prototype at the end of the training.


Feed Formulation

Feed formulation is oftentimes classified as strict industrial business, but what if we told you, it was just a ploy to keep you out of the secret of homemade feed formula. This project is sure to open the students’ minds to the resources around them and how they can be used to produce healthy feeds for poultry. Students will learn appropriate feed formulations for domestic poultry farming. 

My Class Yearbook

Class yearbook is a holy grail for every graduating class. We all want to keep cherished memories alive. To design and create a yearbook requires the skills of a graphic designer. In this project, students are sure to learn the scope of applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques and master the use of pictures to meet specific user’s needs. Eventually, they will create a digital yearbook for their class using graphic design skills.

My Hero Inventor

Every child wants to look up to someone and become like them. Children gradually become who they value. My hero inventor app is a platform for children to learn about famous inventors and scientists. This is a simple app that will display the faces of the scientists and a biography of them. 


My First Aid App

This project provides knowledge of symptoms and signs in common injuries and everyday medical emergencies. Additionally, it gives a guide on simple first aid approaches to these conditions. In this project, participants will learn about these conditions, first aid responses and how to develop an informational app. In the end, they would create a simple first aid app. 

Traffic Light/ Road Safety Signs

As motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, it is a point of duty to understand road signs for our safety and that of others. How can technology make it easy to read and understand these signs? In this project, participants will be exposed to color meanings and how to program the use and appearance of these colors as they relate to road safety and traffic lights. Applying elementary algebra and programming, they will build digital road signs and traffic lights for busy roads.

School Navigator

If you have ever gotten lost in your own familiar space, you would relate so well with the need for a local navigation system. “I have been a pupil here for three years and I don’t know where the school library is. I feel shy to ask other pupils and scared to ask my teachers because they may think I don’t take my studies seriously.” This is a common statement among peers in school. Participants can bring a solution to this by creating a navigation app while being exposed to the basic understanding of floor plans, map readings and programming.


My Colour Scheme

The color scheme is an app that will help children learn colors and color combinations. This course is designed for children in the junior primary education system who are excited about colors and love to work with them. Pupils will learn the basics of creating a platform as well as take part in the color selection process which will lead them to carry out research.

The Helpline App

The Helpline app is a simple game app which helps users to recognize and identify professionals based on their appearance. This project is very educational as it helps children to match basic needs to professionals by using graphics. Students will be exposed to app building, programming and vocational path clarification. 

Rhyme Collection App

The rhyme collection app will help children match rhymes and beats to produce a music piece using the basic songs and poems they are familiar with and subsequently create their own masterpiece. This course is designed for children in the junior primary education system. The pupils will learn how to work the application by being involved in the app building process.