Obichi Obiajunwa MBBS,MPH,MBA

Innovation Expert and Global Health Management Expert

Obichi is the founder of the Young Innovation Leaders Fellowship and founding partner of the Hutzpa Group – a platform designed to  promote innovation in Africa. He is an innovation expert, a global health strategist and a life coach. Obichi is a guest mentor at the NIH Commercialization Accelerator Program (for biotech startups); and a co-mentor at the  Swedish Network for International Health Mentorship Programme. He has mentored medical device startups in Nigeria and East Africa on commercialization strategy.

His background includes work as a resident pediatrician /public health physician as well as advocacy, and community development with an array of Nigerian organizations. Working and studying in Israel, Obichi was involved with the Pears Program for Global Innovation, providing assistance and insights to forward-looking startups interested in emerging markets. He has also founded a platform that promotes innovative healthcare solutions in Africa.