Innovation Leadership Track

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Innovation Leadership Track

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How do I make the most of my talent, skills and education? How do I discover and maximize the opportunities that exist around me? How do I better leverage challenges and problems as resources for growth? Ultimately, how do I become the best version of myself? How do I fix myself into a network of highfliers? How do I become an innovation leader? If any of these questions sounds like yours, then YIL Fellowship is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

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Participant Takeaways

You will be able to:

  • Learn how to approach and solve problems methodically using proven tools and techniques
  • Understand how to build an innovation strategy that works for your business
  • Review and understand different ways to create an innovation team/ culture and run an effective innovation session within your company
  • Learn the art of leadership communication and corporate storytelling for influence
  • Gain insights into the dynamics of team building and how to build organizations that last
  • Gain mastery in design thinking as a modern tool for innovation
  • Understand how to build a competitive business model and how to reinvent it before it’s too late
  • Achieve self-discovery through professional guidance and learn how to optimize your strengths for organizational growth
  • Understand problem analysis and implement problem solving tools on any given challenge
  • Explore the secrets of the Startup Nation and understand how Israeli startups maneuver hostile situations to scale and dominate globally
  • Receive an innovation certification from Hutzpa Innovations
  • Receive a diploma in innovation management from African University of Science and Technology, Abuja (optional)


A full content is found on the programme curriculum. Participants are given a pre-work which will be relevant for the training.


This is a 5-day virtual bootcamp during which time participants are given a wide range of tools for problem solving, to inspire and initiate innovation while working with a multidisciplinary team. Bootcamp is facilitated by global experts and industry leaders.


This is a 3-month challenge phase during which time teams are given important challenges to solve using tools they have been given. At this stage, they also receive lessons from experts on how to design solutions, manage innovations, teams and organisations.


This is the induction bootcamp. Another 5-day immersive training where participants learn how to scale up innovations and mainstream solutions. In this in-person bootcamp which shall be taking place regionally across Africa, participants are given tools for effective communication and on how to lead innovation.

Participant Profile

The programme is practical-oriented and is taught from customer, business, and societal perspectives. It is targeted at recent graduates, emerging corporate leaders, mid-level executives in charge of product or company strategy, and unit heads. Entry to mid-level employees of corporates will benefit from this programme as it positions them to become exceptionally equipped value creators and innovation leaders.

Why Should You Apply?

After completing this course, participants will receive all the associated benefits and courtesies listed below.

  • Become eligible to join the professional YIL alumni network
  • Access to the global network of mentors and innovation experts working in a variety of industries
  • Access to free periodic executive classes
  • Participate in monthly webinars on global innovation case studies
  • Gain a diploma in Innovation Management from African University of Science and Technology, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Network with excellent minds and be part of the fastest growing community of talented innovation experts in Africa


Introduction to Innovation Management

In this prework course, you will learn what innovation management is all about and how firms bring in new business models and get new products and services to the market. You will also learn the tools for implementing innovation projects yourself.

Design Thinking for Innovation

You will understand design thinking as a problem solving approach especially for problems that are ill-defined or unknown. With this iterative process, your team will understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

Using adaptive problem-solving techniques, participants will learn how to perform strategic analysis and assessment; as well as how to perceive and assess a critical need and design a tailored solution.

Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation

You will learn to communicate and publish your innovation in a peer-reviewed journal. This module also provides you tools to write well-organized, clear business documents; to design elegant presentation slides, reports, and posters; and to present and speak with confidence.

Innovating with the Business Model Canvas

You will learn how to create an explicit view of a company or product strategy in minutes while applying innovation tools from the worlds of design thinking and Lean Startup to your business model design.

Managing Social and Human Capital

You will learn how to manage the most valuable asset of any innovation process, but they are also the most unpredictable, and the most difficult asset to manage. This module will introduce you to the skills you need to start motivating, organizing, and rewarding people in your team and organization.

Digital Product Management

You will learn how to conceive, define, deliver, monitor and refine products in order to maximize business results. You will also learn how to draft a focal positioning statement, personas, jobs-to-be-done, value proposition hypotheses, user stories, and integrate them into a team charter.

Innovation for Enterpreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace

Here you will learn how to turn the ideas, concepts, and solutions developed in the program into a prototype, and then turn that prototype into a product and bring it to market. In this module, you will learn how to build companies that last; how to build companies that will make an exit; and about Israeli Innovation.

Intellectual Property Protection

This process turns out to be the principal step for most inventions that will make their way to the marketplace. In this module, we shall be considering the subject of intellectual property protection and how it applies to your invention. You will learn about invention evaluation, types of IP protection, and how to patent your invention.

Techniques and Tools for Success

Do you want to be more successful? This course was designed to help you define what success means to you, and to develop a plan for achieving it. You will go through personalized assessments to help you probe your past, imagine your future, and measure your strengths.

Innovation Leadership

In this module, you will learn how the tips, tricks, principles and techniques to inspire, to initiate, to manage and to lead innovation in your spheres of influence.