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Who We Seek To Participate

The Y.I.L Fellowship aims to draw participation from excellent persons in their early career stage. The purpose is to give them the springboard to launch a successful career and have an impactful professional life. With a focus in “innovation in leadership” and “leadership in innovation”, we aim to raise cohorts of competent leaders who will be adept in identifying needs, designing solutions geared towards sustainable change, and scaling up the changes. Human capital development is our focus. We believe that the drawback to our development as a people depends on our capabilities and capacities. The right place to start is in the minds of our young talents who have demonstrated some level of excellence in their endeavours.

We train our participants through experts and industry leaders. Beyond the three months training, participants, who are now fellows, have the privilege of receiving an optional continuous annual mentorship. Experts who belong on our platform also offer the annual mentorship. We are recruiting resource persons from across the globe to groom our participants. Therefore, we demand that referrals be made to us of persons that could serve as advisors, mentors and facilitators in The Y.I.L Fellowship.

Corporate organisations must see this effort as a win for them. Obviously, no institution can grow beyond the human capital it is endowed with. Building organisations that last is a focus in The Y.I.L Fellowship. In it we buttress the central role of nurturing and keeping talents in the sustainable growth of any organisation. Participating organisations are exposed to some of the brightest young minds across the country. Thus, we seek forward-looking organisations to build partnerships with The Y.I.L Fellowship. There are different kinds of partnership we have structured in The Y.I.L Fellowship. An interesting aspect is for companies to host participants during their capstone projects. In this, technological solutions developed can bequeathed to the organisation.

The Y.I.L Fellowship is run as a nonprofit venture. The entire goal is to improve lives and enhance the economy in the long run. This cannot be achieved without the support of individuals and organisations through donations. We seek active participation of donors both in cash or substance. It is important to note that currently, the funding of the programme is through donations. Donation is a short-term approach; the platform has a structure to make money for its sustenance.

For Candidates

The Fellowship seeks outstanding participants. You can apply to be a participant in the next edition of the Fellowship. Check to see the criteria to participate in this year’s edition. Generally, we encourage young professionals with mastery in a hard skill to apply.

For Resource Persons

We are building a team of professionals. You can join this team and have an opportunity to directly contribute to the lives of our outstanding Fellowship participants. Based on your competencies, you can join as a resource person or a programme organizer.

For Organisations

We call for partnership with corporate establishments – public and private. Partnership can be in form of sponsorship, participation in career fair, training and fellowship host. You can also recommend an institution we may partner with.

HELP Participation

For Donors

The Y.I.L Fellowship is free. Participants are awarded scholarships in the course of the programme. So, we solicit your support in any way possible. Feel free to participate by donating your resources – cash, time, substance, expertise ­– to realise this cause.