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Innovation is a strategic imperative if you want to be in business for long. 

How does innovation affect my industry? And how do I position my company to competitive advantage through innovation? These questions get more important daily in some of the World’s most populous non-BRIC emerging economies (MINT economies) – of which Nigeria is part. Industries are getting more reliant on new technology, therefore making management of technological innovation very important. In these industries, innovation has become a fundamental part of the process through which companies create competitive advantages, and is a central focus of managers.

So, as the wind of technological innovation sweeps across industries in Nigeria, every corporate leader wants to know ‘What firms have a higher probability of survival and why?’ Two factors can broadly explain this: Conditions at the time of entry and firm-specific adaptation to environmental conditions. Therefore, as environmental conditions are rapidly being redefined by technology, firms must ensure that they have strategies and processes in place to fit within the marketplace and remain atop their industry through innovation.

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Participant Takeaways

You will be able to:

• Understand how to build an innovation strategy that works for your business

• Review and understand different ways to create an innovation team/ culture and run an effective innovation session within your company

• Learn the art of leadership communication and corporate storytelling for influence

• Gain insights into the dynamics of team building and how to build organizations that last

• Gain mastery in design thinking as a modern tool for innovation

• Understand how to build a competitive business model and how to reinvent it before it’s too late

• Achieve self-discovery through professional guidance and learn how to optimize your strengths for organizational growth

• Understand problem analysis and implement problem solving tools on your firm-specific challenge

• Explore the secrets of the Startup Nation and understand how Israeli startups maneuver hostile situations to scale and dominate globally


A full content is found on the programme curriculum. Registered executives are given a pre-work which will be relevant for the training.


  • Managing innovation and Creative Destruction
  • Leadership Communication
  • The Art of Storytelling for Influence
  • Exercises on Storytelling
  • Data Innovation


  • Business Modeling
  • Design Thinking
  • Personal Evaluation and
  • Self-Discovery Exercises
  • Group Exercises on Design Thinking


  • Customer point of view and problem sensing
  • Applying the Concepts: Reviewing Your Firm-Specific Challenge
  • Innovation Circle using InnoSurvey
  • Lessons from Israeli Innovation

Participant Profile

The course is practical-oriented and is taught from an organizational viewpoint. It is targeted at corporate leaders, executives in charge of product or company strategy, and unit heads. Typical titles will include: CEO, CTO, Head of Strategy, Head of R&D, Manager, Unit Head, and so on.

Programme Details

Date: 26th – 28th July, 2018

Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Venue: Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos

Programme Fee: N60,000 daily | N150,000 for entire training


After completing this course, participants will become professional alumni of Hutzpa Professional Education and will receive all the associated benefits and courtesies listed below.

  • Access to our global network of mentors and Innovation experts working in a variety of industries including innovation, technology, data science, entrepreneurship, science, engineering, among many others
  • Access to free periodic executive classes
  • Participate in monthly webinars on global innovation case studies
  • Be involved in Innovation Circle events for executives
  • Gain Innovation Management certification
  • Receive discount in subsequent programmes from Hutzpa

Programme Fees


Pre-work | Three days intensive training | Certificate | In-house Consulting | Alumni


The Day's Intensive Training


In-house Innovation Consulting | Specialized Training for Staff


The programme categories are meant to give some level of flexibility to our participants. Click Below to Register!


It comes with a Pre-work | Three days intensive training | Assignments | Certificate | In-house Consulting | Alumni


This comes with the day’s intensive training and the day’s assignments were applicable


This comes with an In-house Innovation Consulting | Specialized Training for Staff. Contact us to get a quote!