EnViva: Pioneering Sustainable Ventures in Africa

Building a better future through innovative solutions and impact investing.

Our Mission

At EnViva, we are dedicated to solving everyday African problems by investing in and supporting ventures that contribute positively to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our team, with diverse expertise in branding, marketing, financing, operations, and innovation, is committed to fostering sustainable growth and empowerment.

Our Approach: Investing in Change

Our Areas of Focus

Circular Economy

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Clean Energy

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Sustainable Food Production

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High Social Impact Projects

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Featured protfolio

Sana Pads: Empowering Women Across Nigeria with Reusable Sanitary Pads

Problem: Over 60m women in Nigeria have limited to no access to clean and affordable sanitary products. They miss out up to 25% of days at school or at work and many use unhygienic alternatives leading to infections and diseases.

Solution: From African women for Africa women. Our products are designed and produced locally by women in Nigeria with the best available materials. We use organic bamboo fiber for high absorbency, long durability and easy washing. To accelerate our impact, we partner with international organisations to supply women who can’t afford our products and train people from all around Africa to bring our solution to their villages and towns.

Achievements: We were already able to successfully launch 2 products and secure EUR 20k Investment form German and Nigerian investors. Within our first 6 month, we were able to supply over 200 women with our sustainable products providing them with enough period products for at least 2 years.

How We Work

German-Nigerian Venture Studio with a strong pledge to social impact

As a venture studio, we finance and support early-stage startups in Africa that operate in our target sectors. We are both, your investors and your right hand who takes over all the tasks you lack experience in and help you finding the right people for every division.

Join Our Journey

As a participant of the YIL Fellowship 10k business model program you qualify for an investment from EnViva Impact Capital. At the end of the program, we carefully screen every team and offer investments to the most promising ideas and most passionate founders.


Florian Justus
CEO & Head of Fundraising
Wajim Yakubu Nuhu
CEO Nigeria & CEO Sana Pads


Thomas Festerling
Founder & MD GreenTec Capital Partners
Filippo Brasesco
CEO Scio Network
Enzo Cenci
Senior Manager Africa GreenTec