Your Best Innovation Management Course So Far!


A wide scope of subjects covering important topics in innovation leadership

The lectures are categorised into the pre-challenge and post-challenge subjects. This is so structured to meet the current demands on the participants.

Given the importance of these lectures in the mainstream corporate industry,  senior management officers of organisations are given are recruited to facilitate some of the classes. As an YIL participant, these training opportunity positions you to move ahead in your career.

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Pre-challenge Training

YIL Fellowship

This phase aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to master these four stages of value creation before they commence the capstone projects: identify a problem, design an appropriate intervention, execute it, and scale it up

Leadership perspectives and qualities needed for value creation; Leading change in a global organisation; Innovation management; Creativity; Identifying opportunities and challenges; Idea management; Development and validation of ideas; Making a case and communicating a project idea (through proposals, etc); Delivering and implementing an intervention/ project; Growing and scaling up an intervention; and Changing systems

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Post-challenge Training

The aim of this phase is to equip participants with knowledge and skills relevant in the corporate and entrepreneurial world.

Innovation in leadership; Leadership in innovation; The entrepreneur’s roadmap: from concept to exit; Building organizations that last; and Innovation trends across 13 industries: Healthcare, Government, Telecommunication, Legal Services, Construction, Agriculture, Food Processing, Retail, Real Estate, Media, Education, Financial Services, and Pharmaceuticals

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Innovation in Leadership and Leadership in Innovation

In this subject, profound insights will be drawn on how individual leaders can inspire and influence others for optimum performance, and how innovation in leadership will become a key differentiator between organizations that thrive and those that do not.

As businesses face evolving challenges, innovation will require aspects of leadership that will become dramatically more important, such as: insight, integrity, courage, and agility. These elements will be explored by this important subject. We would have various leaders in different industries including CEOs of vibrant startups to inspire participants by sharing their success stories.

Innovation Trends

Innovation trends across industries is a non-exhaustive subject. Here, experts will lead participants in a dive into the technological waves, advances, opportunities and threats industries are facing today. There will be a pry into the future of industries, opportunities to prepare for, skill-sets to hone, and partnerships to build.

Some of the industries to be treated include: Government, Telecommunication, Legal Services, Construction, Food Processing, Retail, Real Estate, Media, Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, etc.

Innovation Management

Innovation is scientific. And for the most part, it is data-driven and iterative. Here, experts will expose participants to innovation management subjects such as innovation strategy, adoption, execution, measurement, and idea management.

Also concepts and tools of creativity, such as design thinking, the hypothesis-based approach, and some strategy making mechanisms such as jam sessions, strategy graffiti walls, knowledge cafes, and speed-geeking will be explored.


o Resume and cover letter writing
o Career fields (break-outs)
o Building your personal brand
o Gaining scholarship and admission in foreign schools

Plenary Sessions

o How to be an industry captain
o Studying, working and living abroad
o Entrepreneurship
o Becoming an academician
o How to work for global brands
o Wealth creation and career management

Demonstration of Skills

o Leadership
o Team building
o Critical thinking
o Communication
o Problem solving

Why wasn't Google created by Microsoft?

Participants have a chance to learn from global leaders on how to manage the present, selectively forget the past, and create the future.