Welcome to the Application Portal of the YIL Fellowship

Innovation Leadership Track

  • In this track, participants acquire essential skills to wield innovation tools effectively, guiding them from initial problem identification to the creation of innovation concepts. They cultivate the capacity to tackle intricate societal challenges systematically. Ultimately, participants engineer solutions primed for scalable entrepreneurial ventures.
  • This is ideal for professionals who desire to master the skills of problem solving and value creation.

Innovation Ecosystem Research Track

  • Delve into the intricate fabric of innovation ecosystems across diverse regions. Identify pivotal elements propelling or hindering startup growth and innovation. Evaluate the impact of governmental policies, access to capital, talent acquisition, and infrastructural support on fostering robust innovation ecosystems. Major focal points include innovation policy analysis, future industry trends, and in-depth case studies on successful innovations.
  • This is specially designed for professionals who want to hone their research and writing skills in policy development for innovation.

Startup Founders’ Track

  • In this track, participants are aspiring entrepreneurs with startup ideas poised for launch, particularly focusing on ventures requiring less than 10,000 euros to achieve cash flow positivity. Here, we prioritize startups with lean business models. Participants receive the essential tools to validate their hypotheses, attain product-market fit, and scale their ventures effectively. Moreover, participants stand a high chance of securing investment following the program, leveraging the skills and insights gained throughout the track.
  • This track is specifically for those who are already working on a business concept and desire to make it reality in the marketplace.