Ade' Olowojoba

Social Sector Leader

Ade’ Olowojoba is an advisor of the HELP Fellowship. He currently works with the Public Sector to creatively proffer sustainable solutions to Youth Unemployment in Nigeria. His experience spans across Human Capital Development, Youth Employment, Technology, Media, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Philanthropy and Enterprise Development. He currently serves as a Project Consultant to CodeLagos, a Public-Private Partnership and a first of of its kind initiative in Africa to train 1 million people to code. He recently served as the Pioneer Program Manager for the CodeLagos Project, Implementing the program from idea stage to the growth phase, leading the establishment of 200 coding centers in Lagos. During this period, he worked with the Government, Private Sector Donors and Civil Society Organizations (including Oracle, ARM, SystemSpecs, 9Mobile to mention but a few) to bring about sustainable development in Lagos State.

Prior to his work at CodeLagos and Office of the Special Adviser on Education, Ade’ was responsible for managing Community Affairs and Youth Employment Initiatives for Philanthropy team of Microsoft in Nigeria where he worked closely with Government Elites, Youth and other multinational stakeholders to achieve sustainable development in Nigeria. He provided advisory to several state Governments on Education and Youth Employment during this period.

He has experience designing programs which proffer sustainable solutions in the area of Youth Employment, Enterprise Development as well as Social and Economic Development.

He has a Diploma from Lagos Business School. He also earned an executive certificate as an African American Institute Scholar in Social Sector Management from Pan Atlantic University and a Bachelors Degree in Mining Engineering, He is also a past nominee of The Ford Foundation/Future Awards Prize for Youth Employment in Nigeria. He is passionate about helping young Africans gain access to decent jobs and quality education.

He is the founder of, a platform which matches individuals who want to learn coding with coding instructors.