2019 Y.I.L Fellows

Ghana's Young Innovation Leaders


We selected people that have shown a track record of excellence in their personal development, career and academics.


Our fellows have some level of mastery in a hard skill. Beyond getting a university/ polytechnic education, they have obtained further training in some skill.


Our fellows are graduates of 10 tertiary institutions, from 23 disciplines, and from 9 regions of Ghana.

Priscilla Agyemang-Duah graduated from Central University Ghana as the Best Student in Economics, the Best Female Student, and the Overall Best Student in the year 2017. She is an administrator and educator. Deeply concerned by the low levels in which the youth are engaged in Ghana for community development, and the disoriented state of many youth, she aspires to be an african youth education expert. She intends with this to empower the youth in Ghana, majorly through specialized education for nation building. As an emerging Economic Administrator, she also desires to better promote youth empowerement through tailored socio-economic projects. In the year 2016, she participated in the New Business Challenge organized by the Ghana Netherlands and Business Council. During this challenge, she worked with a mixed race team and developed country friendly business solutions, successfully employed by Koudijs Ghana in penetrating the Ghanaian market. With a passion to help develop the Ghanaian society, she volunteers on youth education and community development projects. She is currently volunteering as a community agent for Recycle It Ghana, a waste collection service provider, with the goal of fighting plastic waste pollution and promoting environmental sustainability. Priscilla readily ceases opportunities under human capital developement, in order to enable her stay relevant in the ever-changing african and global society.

Ernestina Brenya is a Social Entrepreneur and a MasterCard Foundation scholar at the University of Education, Winneba, where she hopes to obtain a BSc. in Accounting Education.  She is the founder and Executive Director of Student Empowerment Foundation (SEF); a foundation which seeks to address the problem of the Sustainable Development Goals four and eight by  providing mentorship to basic school pupils to uncover their potentials for a better future while also equipping them with basic entrepreneurial skills. Through this, she has impacted over 500 school pupils across Ghana. She also volunteered as a Project Assistant at Bentil Foundation, where she led in the implementation of projects in rural communities in Northern Ghana. As a Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) ambassador alumna, she had the opportunity to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration of CAMFED Tanzania where she networked with over 50 young female leaders across Africa. Also, as the chairperson of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars at her university, she was chosen to represent the scholars in the 2018 Baobab Summit in Kigali, Rwanda. Ernestina loves to learn, lead and impact lives and she believes that ethical leadership is the best way to achieve the AU Agenda 2063 (The Africa we want to see).


Eric Vondee is an entrepreneur, broadcast journalist, actor, radio presenter and founder of My Home Teacher – a business organization that connects parents to well-qualified teachers to tutor their wards at home in any subject. Having been named as part of Coca-Cola Top 60 Young Achievers in Ghana, Eric volunteers his time in mentoring young people in actualizing their dreams and purpose. At age 18, Eric made a resolution not to depend on his parents for school fees or pocket money. He felt that once you can vote at age 18, you should be able to take certain responsibilities. Right from that age, he assumed responsibility for his financial needs. In March 2015, Eric was named one of Top 30 Young Ghanaian Achievers by Newaccra Magazine. At age 21, he was recognized as one of the 100 Student Entrepreneurs in Ghana. In April 2016, he received a special recognition at the TEDxAccra event by one of the notable speakers about his achievement. In March 2017, he was featured in a book that highlights the inspiring stories of 60 Change makers in Ghana. In 2019, he was named as part of 50 Outstanding Young Ghanaians. Eric was named as “The Rising Star of Ghana” by an Indian Magazine, IUeMAG.

Gilbert Reinall Addo is an emerging Human Resources expert, a social entrepreneur and a youth development and tech advocate. He’s an enthusiastic facilitator of the UN SDGs and a member of the United Nations Major Group for Children & Youth. Born in Ghana, he was educated in his home country and Cote d’Ivoire during his young age. He studied for a first degree in Human Resources Management from the Perez University, Ghana. He obtained a mini-MBA in Project Management from Accra Business School and a Certificate in Project Management Master Class from the Institute of Project Management Professionals, Ghana. He performed his first research in data mining, data integrity and modeling while at the IPMC College of Technology in 2013. Mr. Addo served as the Zonal Secretary of the Ghana Hotels Association for 3 years and got appointed as an Ambassador for Motivating Africa, Nigeria since 2017 and supported a group for a research for a vulnerability analysis of the teenage pregnancy for an initiative in Sudan. His organization (IMDID) currently has 10 teams in different countries including Ghana, and 5 other representatives. As a social enterprise and a youth volunteering organization, IMDID focuses on providing innovative educational opportunities to the youth for better understanding in their role in issues of global and domestic civil society and to encourage awareness, tolerance and acceptance of the world’s people, cultures, beliefs, attitudes and values by creating projects and mechanism for the diplomatic upbringing of the youth. In 2017 he received an honorary certificate from the Young Diplomats of Ghana. He was also awarded by the Leadership Mind Ambassadors, Nigeria as the Best Male Advocating Leader of the year 2017 as well as the Best Male Outstanding Community Leader in Africa for the same year. Gilbert Reinall Addo aspires to work with the United Nations, and has interest and commitment to managing people with innovations for self-development and excellence. 

Sinare is an emerging social advocate who is passionate about challenging inequality. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree in Social and Development Administration from the University for Development Studies. Currently, he is a service personnel at the Department of Social Welfare in the northern region of Ghana and also the Vice President of Imagine You Can (IYC), an NGO that’s into empowering young ones and giving them the capabilities to achieve their goals and targets. He also does project coordination for Step-up-Gh, an NGO based in the northern region of Ghana, that mentors and guides senior high school students. His passion for leadership has provided him with a lot of leadership opportunities where he marshaled a lot of experience. He served as the SRC secretary in BAWKU Senior High School, Faculty Representative for his Faculty and currently serving as the Chief Justice of the National Union of Ghana Students. 

Elizabeth Aryee is a focused and ambitious young lady who graduated from University of Ghana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Adult Education and Political Science. She is passionate about solving societal problems. Currently, Elizabeth works at Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority. She hopes to use this platform to empower youths to achieve their goals in life. Volunteering is her hobby and she volunteered for an NGO in supplying educational materials for a community school. In five years time, she hopes to work with the United Nations as a diplomat. She is greatly inspired by this quote from Oprah Winfrey, ”the big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you are willing to work.”


Mark is young self-motivated and curious research scientist. He recently graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. His research interest is in the field of Molecular Biology, Plant Medicine, Epidemiology and Product formulation. He has a scientific publication on the “Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of Marantochloa leucantha – A Preliminary Study”.  During his period in the university, he was the chairperson of TRATECH (Trade and Technology), a committee in the Biochemistry Department aimed at formulating products and bringing out innovations for the Department during exhibitions and fairs. He also participated as a health screener and health educator on Hepatitis ‘B’ and ‘C’, sickle cell disease, malaria and some other diseases during the SCI-TECH (Science and Technology) fair by the Ghana Science Students Association, KNUST in 2017. In the near future, Mark hopes to work in a science research institution to find cure and solutions to prevalent infectious diseases in the rural communities of Ghana.

Justina Boadi is a graduate of the University of Ghana where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology and Information Studies. She is a research fellow with over three years of experience as a field interviewer, and has interviewed over 400 participants in the various consumer research study in Ghana with top-notch research organisations such as Ac Nielson, Positive Insight, fact Ghana etc. She is currently self-employed in retail and online marketing. Justina has an excellent customer service delivery, leadership and excellent marketing skills. She is transcriptionist, who has worked as a Secretary at a law firm, Joe Attipoe and Associates. As a research fellow, she is very passionate about research studies, innovative ideas and technology advancement in solving societal problems. 

Vasco Ayere Avoka is a Public Health Officer with experience in youth empowerment, voluntarism and community service. Currently, he works at the Office of the Head of Civil Service in the capacity of a Fellow of the Emerging Public Leaders Fellowship of Ghana. Since 2017, he has been a mentor and volunteer with the West Africa Center for Peace Foundation, Ghana, where he mentors an average of fifteen young people during the annual Peacejam Youth Leadership Conference with the Nobel Peace Laureates. Vasco holds a Bachelor of Public Health degree from the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho – Ghana. He also holds certificates in Implementation Research and Bioethics. Vasco leads and inspires positive change in the public and civil services of Ghana and by extension, Africa. He is also an alumnus of the Young African Leaders Initiatives, YALI. He served as the Vice President for the Togolese Republic during the 3rd edition of the Model ECOWAS Summit, MES in 2018 and shall serve as the substantive President of the Togolese Republic for the 4th edition of MES 2020, Abuja-Nigeria.  Vasco has keen interest in youth and women empowerment, equality and inclusion, disruptive technology and leadership, as well as innovation and co-creation. He is committed to empowering the next generation to be tech-enthusiasts who are leading change and providing solutions to real world problems.  

Thelma holds a Bachelor of Science degree in a multidisciplinary course of study in Biological Sciences from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. She is an emerging researcher and upcoming social entrepreneur who is passionate about educating and helping the young discover, maximize and fulfill their purposes.  She embraced her passion for education by becoming a volunteer for Scripture Union and Child Evangelism Fellowship, both organizations nurture the young to grow into responsible and relevant adults in the society. She is also a member of the research team of GhstudentsWallet, a platform that promotes student entrepreneurship through the provision of relevant education and also allows students advertise their products and skills. She aims to be a positive influence and a change maker while seeking opportunities to learn, grow and contribute to society. 

Desmond is a special educator and a professional teacher who teaches students who are deaf and a sign language interpreter as well. He is a graduate of Special Education from the University of Education, Winneba. He is the founder of Magical Hands Crew, a social platform focused on inclusion of Individuals living with disability and a help center for those who are willing to learn Sign Language. He has worked with many individuals living with disability across Ghana and strives to achieve inclusion in society at the world level.

Abdul-Rahaman is a globally focused graduate with strong awareness of IT systems. He is an analytical and research expert, with strong academic results who is Keen to develop a career in Web Development and App Development. He holds an HND in Information and Communication Technology from the Tamale Technical University. Abdul-Rahaman volunteers as the District Coordinator for the United Nation Youth Ghana where he works closely with other volunteers to push the United Nations resolution. He is a quiet achiever; calm and focused, highly motivated and enthusiastic graduate with a good knowledge of IT systems and social media. Able to use own initiative and work as part of a team under pressure to meet deadlines and objectives. He has excellent communication and organizational skills, a strong work ethic and determination to succeed. As an enthusiastic learner, he is always eager to meet new challengers and get ahead in the IT industry. 

Rukmini is a vibrant, determined and passionate young lady who aspires to impact society positively, especially on the subject of women empowerment and gender equity. She graduated from the University of Ghana with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree in Information Studies and Sociology and currently works at the Archives section of the University of Ghana. She is the founder of Honouring womanhood Movement, a women empowerment NGO that seeks to help women unearth their leadership potentials so as to be able to take up leadership roles in the society and the workplace.

Abdul-Raheem Ibrahim Tuzee is a passionate Environmental and Natural Resource Scientist and a prolific writer with the pen name, “I have the pen, you have your say”. He graduated from the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of the University for Development Studies (UDS) in 2018. As a Youth and Environmental Activist, He Co-Founded a youth group called the Rescue Mission International (RMI) which is poised to dealing with daily social and environmental issues. On his account of being a Pan-Africanist, he volunteers as a Newsletter and Social Media writer/activist with the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDAfrica). Tuzee is proficient in research and has interests in sanitation, water management and renewable energy management. He is certified in Conflict Management and Resolution by the African Conflict Resolution Initiative (ACRI). Currently, he serves as the National Public Relations Coordinator of the Network of African Advocates for Peace, Ghana Chapter. Tuzee hopes to pursue his Master’s Degree and a PhD in Environmental Engineering and International Business, to enable him play an active role in innovating and bridging water, sanitation and renewable energy gaps while fostering sustainable development in Africa and beyond. Tuzee, being a service leader through experience and studying of online leadership courses, dreams to be one of the best, if not the best Secretary Generals the United Nations (UN) will ever have. He believes that making a positive difference to impact change begins with him. 

With a strong desire to be a young change leader, Benjamin has gained diverse hard skills and professional competences. He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Planning from the University for Development Studies where he graduated as part of the top students in his Department. He has certificates in Data Analysis, Graphics Design, Project Management and GIS.  As part of giving his wealth of knowledge and experience back to society, Benjamin volunteers for several NGOs across Ghana and has undertaken internships too. His diverse expertise range from Project Development, Project Implementation and Management to Project Monitoring and Evaluation.  He has a keen interest in research into Alternative Education with a focus on Ecology and Nature Conservation, Circular Economy and Solid Waste Management. He is currently Coordinating a Project for Green Africa Youth Organization on Circularities in Waste Management, a Zero Waste Approach.

Mohammed Kamaldeen is graduate of the University of Ghana with specialization in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System. He is a research assistant in the Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Laboratory (RSGIS Lab), University of Ghana.  He is also a researcher with Restless Development and MasterCard Foundation and the Co-founder of Development Research and Solutions. He has experience and passion for Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Research and Cartography. He is currently responsible for the acquisition, processing and analysis of satellite images on the project “Sustainability Transformations in Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining: A Multi-Actor and Trans-Regional Perspective” A multi-continental project funded by a consortium of bodies including UK (ESRC), Brazil (FAPESP), Netherlands (NWO), Sweden (VR). He is proficient in the use of ArcGIS, ENVI, QGIS, ArcGIS Pro, Google Earth Pro, SPSS and Open-Street Mapping. Self-discipline and team work are the forefronts of all his endeavors.

Adjoa Amponfi is a graduate from University of Education, Winneba, with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Chemistry Education. Currently, she is a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Chemistry Education at the Faculty of Science Education in the same University. She was awarded the MasterCard foundation scholarship at Campaign for Female Education, Ghana (CAMFED Ghana) because of her academic prowess. She is the founder of Inspire Before You Expire Global foundation, a non-governmental organization that mentors rural youths through life and helps reduce unemployment by its entrepreneurship projects. Through her work, she has been given a certificate of recognition from the Young African Leadership Initiative’s Mandela day of service program amongst other prestigious nominations. She has been a delegate for Seychelles Island and Cyprus at the Global Youth Diplomacy Conference and International Youth Diplomacy Conference respectively. She is also a product of the Youth Impact Workshop and holds a certificate from Google for the Google for digital skills Africa, where she learned Digital Marketing. She has represented CAMFED Ghana with other selected Ghanaians at the MasterCard foundation scholars Baobab summit in South Africa. Her vision is to become a role model for young and upcoming girls; for them to aspire to go higher in education and take up leadership positions. She also envisions the creation of an educational system in Ghana where students get balanced learning in which they are holistically, an educational system where the importance of STEM is not undermined and innovations developed towards making it available and easy to learn for all students, irrespective of background.

Kannde is an emerging medical researcher, a social innovator, writer and an entrepreneur. He graduated from the University for Development Studies with a professional doctorate degree in laboratory medicine. Kannde has 3 years working experience as a medical laboratory scientist working for two years at Tamale Teaching Hospital then starting his own organization Starna Laboratories, a project that focuses on providing medical laboratory services to health workers in rural Ghana with focus on maternity health. He believes healthcare equality can only start when we treat healthcare delivery as a holistic approach either in the urban or rural area and he is currently the lead medical scientist for this organization. He had entrepreneurship training with Adansonia at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy and digital marketing skills training with Accenture and Virgin Startup program. In 2016, Kannde was among the second cohort of the YALI Regional West Africa Leadership Center, Accra where he undertook training in entrepreneurship track. In 2018 he was among the top three winners of the flagship Ghana Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program in 2018. As an advocate for evidence based medical practice he hopes to use his organization as a bases for a nationwide advocacy. 


Musah Mohammed Hafiz is a recent graduate from the University of Cape Coast with a degree in Education Social Sciences (Economics & Geography). Hafiz is a youth development activist and an SDGs advocate, always looking for avenues and opportunities to meet new people, learn new things and contribute to social and national development. As part of his training and experience (Internship), He worked with Databank Finacial Services Limited in 2018 – Tamale Branch – as an Executive Sale Representative, taught Economics at Bawku Senior High Technical School – 2018, worked at National Investment Bank Limited in 2017 – Yendi Branch – as a Customer Service Personnel. He has done some Research Work (Data Entry Assistant) for SEND Ghana Tamale Office – 2019. Hafiz is a member of the Northern Youth Parliament, an advocate with Savannah Signatures for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) Alliance, a volunteer with the Northern Regional Youth Network, and an SDGs ambassador against irregular migration with International Organization for Migration (UN IOM) and Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG). While in school, he was a member of the Parliamentary Council as well as Students’ Representative Council’s Publicity & Welfare Committees. He is an executive and a peer mentor of Empowered Youth Foundation. Also, he was a Fellow of the Inaugural Cohort under the Youth Leadership for Social Change (#YL4SC) Project run by Youth Empowerment Synergy (YESGhana) and funded by Ford Foundation, and executed 5 community projects in the Efutu District to help community members.

Manyaya is a result-oriented nutrition professional with four years of experience in clinical, advocacy and field work. She has a proven track record in research, management, value delivery and innovation in nutrition, strategy and corporate planning. She has had nutrition trainings both home and abroad. Manyaya loves to cook as it helps her be result-oriented. Her quest for effective teamwork and leadership skills has also led her to embrace soccer. According to her, soccer helps her build tolerance and close relationships. Overall, she is a young lady who is poised at maximizing impact by improving organizational operational efficiencies and maximum utilization of available resources.

Elorm Dzifa Oklu is an alumna of the University of Ghana, Legon where she studied Spanish and Political Science. Her main purpose and focus in life is geared towards the development of the younger generation; for this, Elorm wants to be a teacher. Her ultimate dream is to set up a platform to support and motivate young people in becoming the best versions of themselves. This came as an inspiration following her one-year study in Spain where she took up teaching jobs helping young Spanish kids to speak English.

Adu Poku Emmanuel is young man who seeks to explore new avenues and passionate about driving development in his society. He sees community Service and humanitarianism as an index of personal development. Emmanuel graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Biotechnology. He worked as a Laboratory Scientist with Kumasi South Government Hospital. His heart of service crowned him as the President of the Association of Agricultural Biotechnology whilst in the University. He was also a member of KNUST Peer counselors and adjudged the most dedicated Peer counselor of his time. His love for community service has seen him with many NGO’s in the promotion of Agriculture, Education and Health especially in rural areas of Ghana. Emmanuel recently submitted an article, ‘Hatcheries hatching chicks contribute to poor development of day-old chicks based on biological and immunological assessment’ as a co-author, which will be published by World Veterinary. He acknowledges Agriculture as Life and an instrument for poverty reduction. Emmanuel hopes to be one of Ghana’s renowned Research Scientists. In his opinion, many of the SDG’s can be attained with innovations in Agriculture. He believes all things should start with Love and posterity in mind.