A Fellowship for Young Innovation Leaders

Scaling Up Excellence

2024 YIL Fellowship

Applications are now open for YIL 2024! Embrace the most amazing opportunity to become an innovation leader. The YIL Fellowship is specifically for those who consider themselves outstanding and possess exceptional talents. Commence your application today!

Deadline: 31st May

The Y.I.L Fellowship stands as an annual four-month leadership immersion program in innovation management. Crafted to empower young professionals in realizing their career aspirations and igniting innovation within their domains, its primary objective is to unleash human potential and elevate excellence to new heights. Through immersive experiences and tailored guidance, participants embark on a transformative journey, equipping them with the tools and mindset necessary to pioneer change in their respective spheres, thereby shaping the future of their industries.

To achieve sustainable economic progress, every nation must consciously empower its youth with a culture of excellence. Excellence isn’t just a trait; it’s a cultivated mindset essential for societal advancement. Like any culture, it requires deliberate implantation, cultivation, and nurturing within the very fabric of our civilization. This holistic three-stage process is what we define as scaling up excellence — a pivotal endeavor crucial for fostering innovation, driving growth, and propelling societies towards a prosperous future.

The Y.I.L Fellowship operates within three distinct tracks: the innovation leadership track, the innovation ecosystem research track, and the startup founder’s track. This rigorous yet rewarding four-month program is designed to provide intensive training in leadership, innovation management, research methodologies, and entrepreneurship, equipping participants with the skills and mindset required for success in today’s dynamic landscape of innovation and business.

With globalization, deregulation, knowledge work and new technologies rapidly disrupting the marketplace, organisations are now in endless search for initiative, innovation, commitment, and passion in its members. So, our aim is to train our Fellows ready to lead profound changes as high-performance employees, emerge outstanding entrepreneurs, and be at the forefront of innovation for development.

HELP Fellowship

Selection is important. We select ANYONE who has demonstrated seed of excellence in them. To him who is faithful in little, more is given.


Training is key. We provide training on life skills and innovation management to participants. We teach them to approach problems using the APE (Abundance, Possibility, and Empowerment) lens.


Through a well-structured mentorship programme, passion and purpose are sustained in fellows. We discover the power of apprenticeship in success attainment.

The Y.I.L Fellowship is a four-month challenging scholarship programme for young professionals.


The theme of the Y.I.L Fellowship is "scaling up excellence". The fellowship programme includes: lectures, plenary sessions, workshops, and demonstrations. Important aspects of the training are: the challenge phase, the accelerator, the internship, and the mentorship.

Insightful modules that will be covered in the lectures include:

  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making:
  • Design Thinking for Innovation
  • Innovating with the Business Model Canvas

  • Managing Social and Human Capital

  • Digital Product Management

  • Innovation for Enterpreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation

  • Techniques and Tools for Success

  • Innovation Leadership

Other aspects of the curriculum will include: plenary sessions with industry captains, fireside chats with experts, and demonstration of skills and leadership workshops with expert facilitators.

HELP Fellowship

Hear from previous fellows

YIL is a solution oriented fellowship, where the fellows are taken through the process of building a solution from the scratch. I've been privilege to be part of TEF program for example, where you will need to have a business or at least a scalable idea before you can enroll. With YIL all you just need to be part of the fellowship is a demonstration that you are smart and passionate enough to solve a pressing problem. YIL fellowship will take you through a process to discover yourself and help you to realize your capacity to solve problem even when you don't have the idea of the problem to solve.
One striking and unique fact about The Y.I.L Fellowship is the availability and assignment of mentors who are genuinely generous with their knowledge, ideas, and time despite their busy schedules. Such is not easy to come by easily, elsewhere.
The YIL Fellowship -- An initiative that thought me what could take a lifetime to learn in just 4 months.
I believe that the idea of The Y.I.L Fellowship, is brilliant and novel especially in Nigeria and Africa at large. The idea alone is right. The scope that was covered in the first in-person convening and the second was exceptional. The excellence with which everything was done wowed every participant.